“Angie Shyr approaches music using methods rarely seen before.” – IMPOSE Magazine

“The latest project of music multi-tasker Angie Shyr is delivering all the eclectic indie jams you could wish for, fused with kick ass girl power that you’ll never get enough of.” – IDOBI exclusive

“A super endearing video from the expressive ensemble, Jackie Highway hit the nail on the head with this latest contribution.” – SPILL Magazine Exclusive

“Angie Shyr’s project Jackie Highway shows she has a knack for writing infectious indie synth gems.” – ELECTRONIC NORTH UK

Jackie Highway is a multi-styled, “frankenpop” writing project created by musician Angie Shyr, born with a violin in one hand, a piano in the other and wondering what else she could get her hands on.  Brought up by 2 itinerant biochemists, she bonded first with Mother Nature and her aural wilderness.  Then came music through violin/piano lessons and listening to the world & galaxy emote – and blessed opportunities to travel.  Both real and imaginary travel were consistent & persistent, with the former provided by early solo/orchestral/quartet performances.

Cherished by classical music auspices as a prodigy, Angie was 7 when performed Mozart’s 3rd Violin Concerto for Yehudi Menuhin and was invited to attend The Yehudi Menuhin School by Menuhin himself.  She studied with 2 Boston Symphony Orchestra teachers, Marylou Speaker-Churchill and Emmanuel Borok, playing nearly every violin concerto by the time she was 16.  Equally proficient in piano, she had a brief fling with piano accompanying singers and violists.  Her musical influences swing ocean deep and equatorially wide, reflecting her undying love of God’s Universe and leaving no musical stone unturned.

She dabbled with keys/bass for African and hiphop bands while violining with Led Zeppelin, The O’Jays, The Dramatics, The Temptations, Snow Patrol, Sarah McLachlan, B-52s, Guster and Gorillaz.  This stage of life lead her to perform venues globally, from Vienna’s Musikverien to NYC’s Carnegie Hall, LA’s Whiskey-A-Go-Go to NYC’s Madison Square Garden, Paris’ House of Live to London’s Union Chapel.  These experiences bonded into a musical topography that is her current bliss – songwriting, composing and illumination engineering.

“The JACKIE HIGHWAY project hangs up the traditional vanguard and spins it 361 degrees. The music is a pop blend of neo-grooves and indie that sways the hips and frees one’s natural funk” – – –  SPILL Magazine, PURE VOLUME

Angie adores sparkling people’s lives with new skyways and hopes others will catch their wave, wild and willing on every front.  “Music has many roles and infinite destinies.  Its impact is immeasurable.  As listeners, we disperse and pollinate music.  We walk each song along emotional and experiential routes that eventually give it eternal life.  Music is our constant companion – our collective soul’s keeper.”



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