PURE VOLUME: “Jackie/Angie bounces between the deliberate and ethereal. Keeping you in a dream-like space, while captivating your senses with her blissful harmonies that take you away from thought-provoking lyrics.”

SPILL MAGAZINE: “Coming off the heels of the successful debut of her first sings…a super endearing from the expressive (Angie/Jackie). She hit the nail on the head with the latest contribution.”

Pop Dust:  “Jackie Highway creates a suitably wonky kind of pop, bastard child of Laurie Anderson and Grimes, with a dash of Jenny Hval’s ice instrumentals hiding in between.”

ELECTRONIC NORTH UK: “Angie Shyr’s project Jackie Highway shows she has a knack for writing infectious indie gems. Layers of piano, ethereal vocal and chimes work together perfectly.”

IMPOSE MAGAZINE: “Angie Shyr approaches music using methods rarely seen before. Jackie’s latest single explores the relationship between Mankind and Nature…tries to show the importance of taking care of what we have. She gives voice to Mother Nature who can’t speak for herself.”

LA BUZZBANDS: “Angie Shyr crafts whimsical songs that cross genre boundaries and showcase her playful style.” – ARMCHAIR DREAMING Music Video

All Things Go Music: “…A funky groovy track driven by a quick and chill drum beat, deep, plucky bass under Shyr’s voice…a voice that can be both husky and sweet from one moment to the next.”





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